New look, new location… Same commitment to quality, service, & craftsmanship.

We’re excited to announce our upcoming relocation to Keystone Plaza, just three blocks south, next to Pinzone’s Meats!  We’re moving, but we’re confident it won’t change anything between us — except to allow our store to serve you better.

Change — it’s a necessary part of life. After all, it’s how we grow. But what’s really great about change — even in the face of major life transformations — it doesn’t substantially alter who you truly are.

Your Going to Love Our New Space!

We planned this move with our customers in mind. It’s a win-win — lots of benefit and convenience all around.

For one thing, the new store is not far at all — just 3 blocks from our current location, literally a fifth of a mile down the road. It’s an easy stroll.

What’s exciting about the new space is the parking. In fact, the entire Normandy Invader football team can easily park in our new lot. You’ll never fight for a space or need to park in a different lot again.

Our new space is also wheel-chair friendly and ADA compliant — much more inclusive and welcoming.

We think you’ll love the convenience. We know we do!

Room to Grow, Space to Stretch — Our New Store’s Nearly 3x Larger!


Another exciting perk of our new location is plenty of space — over 2,200 square feet, nearly 3 times the room of our old location. The Jewel House has been in our old store for 60 years, but let’s face it — we outgrew it long ago. It’s going to feel great to stretch our legs and breathe a little bit.


All that extra room means our staff won’t bump elbows or have to play musical chairs as we do our repair, design custom jewelry, and serve our customers. Which will be great as Al’s son and Jason’s brother Joe finishes school and joins the team at The Jewel House. As Joe becomes a full-time jeweler in the next couple of years, everyone will have plenty of counter space and workbench room to work. We may even hire more staff. Like we said, there’s plenty of room to grow!


The additional space also provides more room to keep our tools and supplies on-hand and ready— no more running back and forth to the garage.

Growing Our Vision — Maintaining Our Neighborhood Roots


We loved how open and inviting our old space was — personable and customer-centric. The entire store was viewable from the entryway. You could chat, see different custom or repair projects we were working on, and browse inventory at your leisure.


We enjoy that kind of shared connection with our customers. So we’re designing our new space to maintain a similar personal and transparent atmosphere. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be able to see everyone in the shop — reconnect and catch up, see what we’re working on — our latest custom pieces or repair jobs.


We’re also planning to have dedicated consultation areas to discuss bridal jewelry, weddings and engagements, custom design, and repair work, waiting areas where you can relax and feel comfortable.


We’re really excited — in fact, we can’t wait!

Moving Day — Sometime This Summer!


We’ll be moving later this summer — hopefully in August, we expect. But moving an entire jewelry store isn’t easy. Every day, we’re playing phone tag with contractors, landlords, the city — getting every detail perfect. It feels like running a marathon through an obstacle course with both feet in a potato sack — but so worth it.

We’ll have more neighbors in the new plaza, including:


• Pinzone’s Market Fresh Meats

• The Little Birdie Wine Nest

• Metro Croissants 

•  Ni’s Express Chinese Restaurant

Papa John’s Pizza

So yes, you’ll be able to come by and pick up your repairs, a new diamond necklace — a bottle of wine, maybe some pizza or Chinese takeout for the family.


At the Jewel House, our customers are family. We’ve known each other for a long time. And we can’t wait to have you out to the new space. We hope you feel right at home.


Follow us on Facebook, check our website. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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