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Diamonds– A symbol of endurance and everlasting love, the diamond is a timeless stone appropriate for bridal jewelry, anniversaries, and very special occasions. From engagement rings to pendants and earrings, we can help you to choose the perfect diamond and setting for your occasion, style, and budget.

The 4 C’s– If you’ve been considering a diamond jewelry purchase, you’ve likely learned about the importance of the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat size. Our staff is happy to help in any way we can. Download our helpful PDF to learn everything you need to know to choose the perfect stone.

The Jewel House Promise – For decades, we’ve promised the best diamond at the right price. As a local family-owned business, we never charge markups at the Jewel House. We sell quality, GIA-certified diamonds masterfully set in gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Go home today with a beautiful stone you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Round– Round diamonds are the most popular diamond shape, and for good reason. Nearly every round diamond is brilliant cut, giving the stone an exceptional sparkle

Princess- The princess cut is a square cut that is also quite popular, but has a bit of a modern, streamlined edge.

Emerald- Prized for their unique, Art Deco look, emerald cut diamonds are rising in popularity. Go for clarity when purchasing this cut, as emerald cut stones may make small flaws slightly more visible.

Asscher- The Asscher cut diamond has a similar, Art Deco-inspired look to the Emerald cut, but is an octagonal cut that looks like a square from afar. These unique, hard-to-find diamonds are also surging in popularity.

Oval- Oval cut diamonds are often brilliant cut, like round diamonds, making the most of each stone’s sparkle. These diamonds give the illusion of elongating the wearer’s finger.

Marquise- This cut sets the wearer apart, as it is not as commonly seen as more popular cuts. But this cut makes any diamond appear larger in size, and has similar elongating effects as the Oval cut.

Pear- Romantic and classic, the Pear cut gives the beautiful sparkle of a round diamond with a slimming effect on the finger.

Heart- The Heart-shaped diamond is for the unique woman who loves romance.


Triangle- The Triangle cut is rarely seen as a solitaire or center stone, but can be popular as a side stone or on a pendant. But set in a bezel setting, a Triangle cut engagement ring can be an edgy and modern choice.