Heirloom Gold with Emeralds

A customer wished to fashion a memorial piece for his late wife using his gold wedding band and gold from his late wife’s anniversary ring. Using these pieces we melted the gold into an ingot and rolled the metal into wide stock. The gold stock was then fashioned into a band with a hand beveled edge. Lastly we set three emeralds representative of our customer’s late wife’s birthstone.

Custom Piece from Heirloom Jewelry

Our client had several pieces of heirloom jewelry she wished to combine into a meaningful statement piece utilizing most of the gemstones and a pearl necklace. We started with a few inspiration images brought in by our client. Our in-house designer made a number of hand sketches and reviewed the designs with the client. After collaborating with our client, and making a few modifications, we began production. For this particular custom piece we utilized traditional goldsmithing techniques alongside Computer Aided Modeling Software to layout the gold filigree that surrounds the cluster of stones. The filigree work was first printed in wax and then cast in gold. Then we set to work hand soldering the cluster of stone settings. Then the 3-D modeled filigree work was soldered to the cluster of gemstone settings.